Please note Gemini Small Engine Services does is not responsible for any physical injuries or damage to equipment caused by the use of the information supplied. All work carried out is done so at your own risk. If you have any doubts about carrying out repairs please seek assistance from suitably qualified persons.

If you feel confident enogh and have tools available you may cosider carrying out repairs and maitainance to your own generator. Most mechanical repairs can be carried out without any problems however, with electrical repairsĀ  there is the danger of electrocution and possible death. So, if you have any doubts please seek the assistance of a qualified electrician preferably one who has generator experience.

Generator repairs consists of two components mechanical repairs and electrical repairs. Mechanical repairs are fairly simple however, electrical repairs will require some basic understanding of electricty.

In the event tahat your generator wont start then there are some basi checks that can be carried out:

1. Check that there is fuel in the tank. Fuel older than three months should be replaced with fresh fuel.

2. Make sure the fuel is turned on

3. Check the oil level. The engine may be fitted with an oil level sensor or an oil pressure switch to protect the engine. If the oil is low or there is no all at all the generator will not start or if the oil becomes low during the running of the engine then it will cut out.