Most equipment is manufactured by OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers}. The OEM's source parts from other manufacturers and build the finished product. This is particularly the case with generators. The manufacturer will buy an engine and alternator as well as any other components to build a generator. All the components could be various makes and models depending on what the generator manufacturer is building. The generator manufacturer will give his finished product a name, model and add his makers plate.

As you can imagine it gets complicated when ordering parts as the generator manufacturer has used many components from other manufacturers. The generator manufacturer will most probably refer you to the suppliers of the components directly as they do not carry the parts. All the components used will have its own makers plates or a label will be attached. For example if you need engine parts look for the makers plate on the engine and make a note of the details on it. This information is very important and it should be given to the parts salesman who will use it to supply the correct part. The parts supplier may ask for a serial number to determine what parts were used on a particular build.

The makers plate information can help you to find the correct parts diagram online. The parts diagram has pictures of the parts with the parts numbers so that you can compare your part and make sure that the part is the one you want. If you cant find the parts diagram for the part you need then speak to your parts supplier and ask him to send you a copy so that you can check the part before ordering.

To prevent any mistakes its advisable for you to photograph the makers plate as well as the parts you require and send them to your parts supplier. We use "whatsapp" but there are many other way to send pictures.

Its the same with other equipment such as High-Pressure Washers. The engine will have a makers plate or a label and the pump its own manufacturers details. If you need pump parts give the pump details and if you need engine parts give the engine manufacturers details you find on the engine.

Don't be surprised if the wring part is delivered even seasoned mechanics get it wrong. You should be able to return the parts just make sure they are in the same condition you received them. Most suppliers will not allow the return of electrical parts for obvious reasons.

As a final note be prepared for for some confusion when you tell your parts supplier the name of the part you want. There are many name for the same part it depends what country you are in. The parts manual may be from China and they use some very strange parts descriptions.