Quality industrial diesel engines and industrial petrol engines at the lowest prices! Industrial engines of all sizes available. Spare parts for most makes available. Engines shipped throughout South Africa and neighbouring states daily.

Selecting an engine to suit your application can be quite a difficult task as, there are so many makes and models to choose from. If your specifications are not correct you could end up with an engine that can't do the job.

The basics criteria to determine your selection are:

Petrol or diesel-Diesel engines are cheaper to run than petrol engines but are more expensive to maintain. Diesel engines are generally more expensive than petrol engines.

HP or KW needed-This is critical as an under powered engine may not do the job an will need much more maintenance. An overpowered engine is a waste and will be far more expensive on fuel.

Horizontal or vertical drive shaft- Most lawnmowers use a vertical shaft. Generators use a horizontal shaft.

Type of shaft-Shafts come in a variety of types and are determined by the application. The most common types are parallel keyed, Taper, Internal threaded and External threaded. SAE or Metric.

Direction of rotation-This is determined by your application. The normal direction is anti clockwise looking at the shaft.

Output shaft speed/Clutch-Engines will allow you to set the speed as you require. However, there are applications where the speed is fixed such as generators and will require a speed regulator. Other applications like concrete mixers or conveyor belts may require a reduction gearbox 2:1 to slow down the shaft rpm. Clutches are used for applications such as Go Karts, Rammers and other construction equipment.

Mounting- SAE or Metric flange.

Additional points to consider are:

Weight of engine.

Size of engine.

Starting method-Electric or recoil

Fuel tank-Fitted to engine or external.

Air filter-Standard or heavy duty.

Exhaust-Standard or Low noise.

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