"Bigger is Better. You'll always need more power"

When selecting a generator the following points should be considered:

*Portable or Stand-by

*Petrol or Diesel

*Manual start or Automatic Mains Failure start system (AMF)

*Regulated or non regulated. If you will be using computers, televisions or any appliance that needs a stable voltage then, the generator should have an AVR (Automatic voltage regulator) fitted. Industrial generators such as those used to run drills,grinders etc do not need to be regulated.

*Connect to your existing wiring or install additional wiring

*Run essential equipment or the whole house/premises

*Noise- most of us don't live on a farm so think about your neighbours. Generators can be supplied as quiet units. Position can make a big difference.

*Size-This is important as under powered generators will not do the job and will make you frustrated. Overloaded generators will breakdown and will be expensive to maintain. Too big and you will waste fuel and cause glazing of the cylinder bores. 

*Is a maintenance contract available? This is essential as generators not properly maintained are certain to let you down. Generators stand idle for long periods and need regular checks.

* Does the supplier have spares? Can he offer professional service? 

We offer petrol and diesel powered units.

You can specify what engine you would like to use-Petrol or Diesel

Single phase and three phase alternators available. Regulated or unregulated.

Welder/generator alternators.

Portable or standby.

Domestic or industrial.

Automatic main failure board or manual switch over.

Sound proofing or open type.

Manual or electric start.

Installations done by a qualified electrician.

If you can't find the generator to match your specifications give us a call. We custom build generators and can offer a varietry of different types. Our range includes portable units up to 8 KVA and Stand-by units up to 1 MW. Let us know what size you need or what you want the generator to run and we will give you a quote. If you need help choosing the correct generator give us a call and speak one of our technicians who will give you advice on the type of generator you need and the size required.

For assistance please email us your requirements or telephone and speak to one of our technicians.

Call Martin Drewett on 079 192 7714 or 011 609 3033 or email sales@geminismallengineservices.co.za