"Bigger is not always better"

This is a piece of equipment where bigger is not always best. Be careful, a pressure cleaner can cause damage and can be very expensive if not used properly! My father has owned car washes for 30 years and can vouch for the dangers of putting this equipment into untrained hands. High-pressure water is so powerful that it can be used for cutting metal. 

Typical uses for a pressure cleaner is cleaning cars, earth moving equipment, house walls and driveways and machinery particularly engines. Pressure cleaners can be driven by petrol, diesel or electric motors. Hot or cold water systems are available. 

There are two important criteria to consider 1. Pressure and 2. Volume.

1. Pressure is important-100/150 bar is normally sufficient for most applications. Turn the pressure down if you are cleaning motor vehicles. Don't point the nozzle directly at engine seals. If you are using hot water use a lower pressure. 

2. Volume can vary-No good using a garden hose when you need a fire engine. If you have big equipment or a large area to clean go for a higher volume.  

Most pressure cleaners have the facility to add chemicals to the water to help with the cleaning. I personally feel that this is a waste as, I believe the cleaning chemicals would be better applied prior to using the pressure cleaner. Don't let any salesman try to convince you that cold water system will do the same job as a steam cleaning system. If you have a particularly oily or greasy job to clean then steam is the only way to go. 

Steam cleaners are more expensive to run and will require regular maintenance. The water is heated by diesel and the water will need treatment chemicals to prevent the blocking of the boiler tubes due to scale build up. Hot water and cold water pressure cleaners should be switched  off it not in use, if left to idle for long periods the pump will generate heat and the cold water coming in as soon as you use the lance will crack the pistons.  

If you would like assistance selecting the correct High-Pressure Cleaner please email us your requirements or telephone and speak to one of our technicians.  

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